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A Day in the Life of a Flight Attendant

To many, the ability to work as a flight attendant traveling to a variety of destinations seems appealing. While there are certainly a variety of advantages to this career, there are also several challenges that one should examine before making the plunge. In addition to the career requirements, it is also important to examine the current economic conditions and trends for job availability before making a career change.
A Typical Daily Schedule
While a flight attendant"s schedule will often change day to day based upon their flight routes, there are several basic tasks that they complete regularly. Some of these tasks include:
·         Time with the captain reviewing crew coordination and flight expectations i.e. time in the air, delays or current weather conditions
·         Review of first aid kits and equipment to ensure that it is on board
·         Review of the food and beverages on board
·         Greeting passengers as they board the plane
·         Reviewing passenger tickets and escorting them to their assigned seats
·         Checking luggage that does not fit within the overhead bins or under the passenger"s seats
·         Participation in the safety demonstration before take off
·         Reviewing that passengers have fastened their seat belts, raised tray tables and stored any baggage before take-off and landing
·         Assisting passengers in the event of an emergency
·         Provide reassurance to passengers in the event of any emergency on board or in the event of an emergency
·         Distribute pillows and blankets
·         Distribute any beverages or food services to passengers if applicable
·         Administer first aid in the event that a passenger requires it
In addition to serving the passengers on board with routine service, flight attendants are responsible in the event of an emergency. These procedures are taught during initial training and then re-visited on an ongoing basis.
Take time to consider these daily duties to ensure that you are comfortable with them before making a career decision. And if you have additional questions, speak to someone who is in the industry currently, as they will be able to give you first-hand experience of what their days are really like.

By Michelle Simmons
Get Flight Attendant Jobs, Contributing Editor

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