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Flight Attendant Career Advancement

Many new flight attendants do not give a substantial amount of consideration to their career path upon taking their initial job opportunity. But, to continue career interest and job satisfaction long term, many flight attendants choose to focus on career advancement opportunities.

Here are some of the typically career steps ahead of a new flight attendant:
·         Senior or Lead Flight Attendant - As a part of an in flight crew, the senior or lead flight attendants are in charge of the other flight attendants on the flight and for all functions and tasks associated with the flight. Some of the responsibilities of a senior or lead flight attendant include managing the pre-flight briefing for passengers coordination between the captain, flight crew and cabin crew, review of on board catering, announcements during the flight, lead for emergency operations and often work the first class cabin area.
·         Check Flight Attendant - This position involves reviewing the check rides for flight attendants.
·         Flight Attendant Supervisor - This position involves supervising several other flight attendants from the base. A supervisor often meets with other managers, facilitates and oversees employee records and manages any required disciplinary actions for their team.
·         Base Manager - This position involves managing and overseeing the entire flight attendant base.
·         Manager or Vice President of Inflight - This position involves managing several flight attendant bases within the organization. Inflight activities and inflight managers report to the manager or VP of Inflight.
To advance within your career, work to master job requirements, provide superior performance and actively seek opportunities to take on additional responsibilities within your current team. In addition, make sure that you proactively discuss your desire for career advancement with your present supervisor so that you can create an actionable career advancement plan. Ask your supervisor to hold you accountable to reaching any goals that you set out for your career.


By Rita Henry
Get Flight Attendant Jobs, Contributing Editor

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