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A career as a flight attendant can meet your high expectations. A flight attendant is an individual who are required to be present during flights for both safety and security of the passengers. The main priority of a flight attendant is to ensure safety and security; however, flight attendants are a jack of all trades because they perform numerous different duties. Flight attendants ensure that the passengers enjoy their flight by making sure the passengers are as comfortable as possible. The attendants make sure that first aid kits are stocked and present, adequate food supply, and make sure all other amenities are present and stocked. Flight attendants greet boarding passengers, check tickets, and help store carry on materials. Flight attendants brief passengers on safety procedures, emergency situation procedures, among other duties.
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Becoming a flight attendant is a rewarding career. Not only do you get to interact with a diverse group of people everyday, you also get to help these individuals. Meeting and helping people is one of the many rewards that flight attendants receive. Flight attendants also receive the benefit of getting to travel to numerous destinations. On one flight a flight attendant may be traveling to a tropical destination, and the next week the flight attendant could be on the other side of the globe. Most airlines prefer an applicant to have some type of college degree. Upon being hired by an airline, you will be required to pass an exam to become certified with the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA.
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Being a flight attendant provides numerous different benefits. Some more of these benefits include; discounted airline tickets, medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, 401k plans, sick leave, holiday pay, stock, and other perks. However, being a flight attendant requires you to be away from home for days at a time which will cause you to leave your loved ones on a regular basis. For most individuals, this seems to be the only draw back about having a career as a flight attendant because the amount of time spent away from loved ones throughout the year becomes strenuous.

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